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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Strategies of Link Building for New Website

Link Building is basically the process of getting quality web sites to link to your website, in order to improve search engine rankings.

Some of the best ways for building links….

  1. Submit Press Release to PR sites – This will helps us in building back links there so many press release sites are available in the web and these sites will distribute the news to various online news outlets. Use this tip when ever any upgradation or any changes in site for better results.
  2. Submit to Free ads or online classifieds websites for free advertising (Like
  3. Reciprocal Links with Similar Sites – Its important to pick sites that are of high relevance so you’ll not only get links but traffic. Reciprocal linking can be useful from the beginning but don’t overdo it. We can find link partners by emailing them directly or contacting them through webmaster forums.
  4. Squidoo Lenses — A Squidoo lens is fairly easy to create. It only takes around 15 minutes to set up one fully and you’ll be able to insert a bunch of anchor text links to your website along with your feed content. Hub pages are another similar site you can use.
  5. Articles Submission — Create a short article on your site related topic and submit it to article directories for a back link and some traffic. We might get more links if your article is picked up and published on other websites.
  6. Social Media Profiles — There a whole bunch of social websites online which allow you to insert a link to your website on the profile page. Sign up for some of them, preferably using a username and thumbnail that brand your business.
  7. Social Bookmarking Websites — Social bookmarking websites like Netscape or Digg are often crawled by search engines and their links do help to get a website indexed. So bookmark your website into various bookmarking sites.
  8. Forum Signatures — Sign up for some forums that related to you site and start contributing to ongoing discussions.
  9. Create a Theme or Widget – Design and submit a theme, template or widget (Include a credit link that point to designated site) with an add-on application that is related to a specific social network or popular website.
  10. Blogs on other Blog Platforms — Create and post blogs on blog networks. Set up different versions of your blog on different blog networks like, Blogger and Xanga. Link to specific web pages on your website.
  11. Comment on Other Blogs — Start commenting on relevant and popular sites in your niche. Don’t just spam for links but focus on building a relationship with other bloggers as well. Write a relevant comment and try to avoid using keyword names or signature links.
  12. Guest posting on other blogs — Like article and press releases, this one involves having readily available content you can send out to certain blogs in your niche. This is great for getting relevant links and traffic.
  13. Usurping Competitors’ Links — It is one of the most effective ways to build links, and is commonly practiced. The goal is to find as many domains and pages as possible that link to your competitors’ sites and get those sites to link to you as well.
  14. Local & Business Links — Join the Better Business Bureau, List the site at the local library’s Web site.
  15. It is pretty easy to ask or answer questions on Yahoo! Answers, Wiki answers, Google groups and provide links to relevant resources.
  16. Review related sites on Alexa to draw in related traffic streams. And also review related websites and provide links.
  17. Swap some links. When swapping links, try to get links from within the content of relevant content pages.
  18. Add testimonials — Another added way to get links is to submit testimonials on websites from where you have purchased any services or products as webmasters may publish your testimonials on their website which may also contain the link of your site.
  19. Link Requests / Exchange — This is probably the most common form of artificial link building practice that is ongoing. While requesting for a link we need to keep in mind some points before composing mail. Some of they are …..
  20. Submit the site to Web Directories – This will help us to get several back links if it works well. But these days most of the free directories are publishing the site. We can submit the site in to paid directories so that we can get back links effectively.

Directory Submission Benefits

Benefit of directory submission or benefit of submit site to web directories:

Registry entries are an essential part of the external link establishment handle offered by numerous SEO Company. Posting in great catalogs consequently gets quality back connections, expanding join notoriety, increment you’re positioning in web crawlers, traffics and numerous more which all of are portray as beneath,

To get your site listed

Web search tools like Google, Yahoo and MSN convey insects crawlers (Generally between 10 to 20 days) to look the web for new locales that surface everyday.For illustration, If you utilizing the “include URL” page to present your site to Google then it takes 4 a month and a half to posting website in it. At the point when utilizing catalog entries, you can get your site recorded in Google and other significant internet searchers in a matter of days now and then as a result of real web indexes find new sites through approaching connections and registry accommodation is most ideal approach to get approaching connection.

in the event that your webpage is new or recently been propelled, a web catalog connection would help the web crawler in discovering your website and incorporating it in its database. So given the advantage of web registry joins, it just bodes well to get your webpage submitted to whatever number catalogs as could be expected under the circumstances.

Thus,If you have another site and you need web crawlers to know about its reality, then there couldn’t be a less demanding and better approach to tell a web search tool than having it discover your website through connections in different catalogs.

So that Directory Submission helps another site in getting recorded on all real web crawlers.

To get one way links – Improvement in Search Engine Rankings & Increase the link popularity

You should use directory submissions as part of your websites optimization and promotion is because of the fact that obtaining incoming links for your website is one of the most important ranking factors in the major search engines ranking algorithms, especially in competitive keyword markets. Search engines give importance to the number of inbound links to your site when ranking it for a given position during search and one way links are thought to be valued more than reciprocal links (links exchanged with other sites) and also, all know fact that obtaining incoming links from directory submission or others for your website is one of the most important ranking factors in the major search engines ranking algorithms, especially in competitive keyword markets. Most directories provide one way links, which is beneficial from the SEO aspect of your site.

Thus, directory links can help give a boost to your SEO efforts and it’s also help in giving a boost to your already existing search engine rankings and increase the link popularity of your site.

Targeting specific keywords / keywords phrases

Most directories allow you to provide a link with keywords describing your site. It’s not easy getting links to your site with the keywords you want and directories serve as the easiest medium for getting such links. Getting links with targeted keywords / phrases can have search engines favoring your site over others when ranking for the given terms.

Using varied link anchor text you can increase the possibility of your website being found under these keywords or phrases when they are typed into a search engine. After all, if you want your website to be successful, it would have to be found by people and the best way for that would be your site coming up on top for the searches that matter. When people search using particular words, you would want your site showing up in the first few results for those words.

Most directories are free to submit to Given the benefits and most directories being free to submit to, it makes business sense to having your site listed in as many SEO friendly directories as possible. After all, you don’t lose anything for doing so.

# Other benefits

  • Your website Google Page rank can increase.
  • Your website link popularity can increase (more back links)
  • Your website can get more thoroughly indexed by search engines (get more pages in search engines) due to the directory submission process.
  • Good place to find promotional partners
  • You attract buyers in your industry
  • They generate traffic for your website
  • Brand building, Website owners can increase brand awareness by using their business name within the anchor text of their directory listing.
  • Getting listed in good directories is a measure of your site’s worth
  • Through directory submission service, or submit to directories ,you can increased visits from search engine robots crawling for your site. “search engine robots are the agents that scour the web looking for new websites”

Strategy of Link Baiting

The amount and nature of inbound links setting off to your webpage are a portion of the components utilized by a web crawler to choose where to put a site in its positioning for a particular catchphrase or key expression. Interface goading can be considered as a piece of external link establishment. Its point basically is to raise the quantity of significant back links heading off to your site. It is thought to be a white cap SEO strategy utilized about overall since it works so well.

The principal thing to do when setting up your links bating methodology is to grow extremely fascinating substance identified with a catchphrase or key expression you need to be best for. The purpose behind that just is on account of connection teasing like its name says is the way toward having great and intriguing substance that individuals will need to connection to or put on their online journals. This ought to bring about the change of your page rank and additionally rank on the web crawlers for a particular term.

The principle issue lays in the way that you should be sufficiently innovative to compose great substance and afterward advance it through destinations like Digg to tell individuals that there is some incredible substance out holding up to be connected to.

Those baits can be divided into different categories.
The first one is called the Informational bait. It simply provides information. The best example for that kind of bait is the top 10 tips or top 5 tips article. People usually find that kind of content very interesting and are likely to link to it.

News baits are different as they give news on a particular topic.
Humor baits can be anything from a funny story, joke or a weird picture. Their aim is obviously to make people laugh so they send the link to their mates or put a link on their blogs or sites back to the funny picture or joke.

Evil baits are a bit nastier and need to be used with extreme caution. Saying something unpopular or controversial is probably going to bring a lot of attention but be careful on what you say or this will damage your reputation more than anything else.
Tool baits also are great baits because you are providing something useful to people.

In the end, do not forget that link baiting is about attracting people to your site and link to a specific page on it. It is important to talk about that link bait to speed up the process by using networking sites and blogs to promote it.


Tips to Increase Link Popularity

Web crawlers are the portal to the Internet; they are the principal instrument that potential clients use to discover the items and administrations they require. This is the reason connect prevalence is so basic. In the event that the clients don’t discover your site, you have no conceivable outcomes of making any deals.

You’re most likely pondering what the blasts is prevalent about a connection! All things considered, in a word—bounty! Connect notoriety alludes to the positioning doled out to your site by the web indexes, and it decides the positioning your page gets when catchphrases are gone into an internet searcher. Things being what they are, you’re most likely pondering, how would I make my connection prominent?

Web crawlers are optional, giving status and positioning to locales that have connections to their pages from related, quality destinations. It’s a basic equation, however a critical one. Google made the framework, and now for all intents and purposes all the most well known web search tools utilize it to rank your pages in their lists.

The all the more ordinarily utilized your watchword is, the harder it will be to accomplish connect notoriety, yet without accomplishing this progression, it is practically sure your site will never rank exceptionally on any web search tool. Be that as it may, don’t be disheartened; there are attempted and genuine methods for accomplishing join ubiquity utilizing the most focused catchphrases.

There are a few things you should be aware of. The first is that just linking up with a large number of other websites will not achieve link popularity. In fact, it may have quite the opposite effect. This is particularly true when pertaining to websites that are nothing more than “link farms”—pages containing line after line of indiscriminate links. Search engines may aggressively discriminate against your website if you are associated with a link farm, so steer clear of them!

The next thing to bear in mind is the quality of the site you are linking to. Never link to a page you have reservations about your visitors seeing. The last thing you want your website to appear as is indiscriminate and cheap. Linking to sites of poor quality will only lessen your link popularity, if not completely destroy it.

So let’s get to what you need to do to achieve supreme link popularity and improve your rankings to stellar status on all the popular search engines.

The first step, and the fastest way to get your foot in the door, is to get a listing in a popular directory, such as Open Directory Project and Yahoo. If your site is business-related, you will want to be listed on Yahoo, and despite the fact that it will cost you around $300 a year, it will be money well spent. If your site is non-commercial, the listing will be free, but it will take time and follow-up to actually get it listed. Open Directory is gives you a free listing whether you are business-related or non-commercial, but be prepared to make a lot of follow-up inquiries before you see your site listed.

You are aiming to get listed in the highest level of appropriate category, and this just takes some common sense. For example, if your company ships Alpaca wool from an Alpaca farm located in the middle of Nowhere, Tiny State, do NOT submit your listing to “Retailers from Nowhere, Tiny State”. BIG MISTAKE! All you have to do is look a little deeper and submit your listing to the “Fine Alpaca Wool” category. You will not only associate yourself with culture and quality, but you will be listed in a national category.

The next step after you have attained directory listings is to locate other quality sites that will increase your link popularity. Try to find sites that are in some way related to yours, so not only will your link popularity increase, but your customer base may also be expanded. You want to avoid your competitors and look for sites that are useful to your site’s visitors. Let’s look at the Alpaca Wool site example. Linking up to a site that sells knitting supplies would be helpful to your visitors, and the chances of the knitting supply site wanting to link up to your site are also greater. By linking to a related site that will be relevant to your website’s traffic, you are increasing both your site’s business prospects and link popularity.

Not all sites want to link to other sites, so you will have to do some research when you are looking for possible linking partners. Google is an excellent starting place for your search. Make sure you enter keywords that you think quality customers will also enter to find your own site. Remember, your criteria are quality, highly ranked, non-competing websites that have a links or resources page. Go to these sites and objectively assess them. Look at the quality of the product, the graphics, and the ease of use. Then check out the other sites they are linked to, and determine if your own site would fit in with the crowd.

When you decide you have found a good prospect, you must set out to woo them. The first thing to do is to add a link on your own links page to their site. This is an essential first step; it shows good faith, and ups your chances significantly of their reciprocity. After you have added their link, you must contact the webmaster of their site. Since this is almost always done by e-mail, you want to make sure it is immediately clear that your message is not junk mail. This requires that you tell them right off the bat that you have added a link to their page on your site. A hook like this almost always insures the reader will read on.

Next, be sure to be flattering and let them know how much you appreciate their website. Make sure you emphasize that you have actually visited their site, and that their site is not just a random pick. Give them the address of your links page, and ask them to check out the link for themselves. It’s a good idea to mention that they will not only benefit from the increased traffic your website will direct their way, but you will also increase their link popularity. Briefly, explain why link popularity is so essential, but do this in a sentence or two so you don’t sound like a professor! Finally, tell them you would greatly appreciate if they would reciprocally add a link on their own links page to your website.

Go through this process with as many appropriate sites as you can find, bearing in mind the criteria of quality and non-competitiveness. After you have e-mailed all relevant sites, be sure to check these websites frequently to see if they have added a link to your page. Give it about a month, and if no link appears, try another charming e-mail. Then give it another month, and if your site is still absent from their links page, it’s time to remove their link from your own links page. The only time you want to pursue a link further than this is if you believe a site is crucial to your link popularity and your business needs. Just remember to keep all your communications complimentary and cordial.

Then set up a schedule to check your ranking in search engines frequently to see if your link popularity has improved. This is not achievable in the blink of an eye. It will take some time and a good deal of work. There is no way around the labor-intensive quality of improving your link popularity, which is why search engines regard it with such importance.

By the way, make sure you have a beautiful, streamlined site or you will never persuade anyone to link up to you. Be prepared to keep plugging away at this process, as long as it takes, until you achieve link popularity stardom!