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Monthly Archives: November 2016

The Advantages of Articles Submission in SEO

Due to the need to rise from the Internet clutter, people are finding more ways to advertise online. One of these ways is article submission, which is worth knowing if you are a website owner.

Free Marketing

Most article directories allow you to include links in the article that you can direct to your website. If you write an article with content related to your product or services, you are able to market them indirectly and include a link back to your products and services. This result in a Free marketing media for your offers.

Increase traffic to your website

With the links that you are allowed to include in your article content and your author bio box, you have created an opportunity for readers to click on the links to come to your website. When crafted in an interesting manner, these links will increase traffic to your website especially when your articles are being chosen by website owners to post in their own website and distributed all over the internet.

Viral Marketing in Articles

If your articles were written well and being chosen by website owners to post in their website or blog, this automatically create a viral effect for your content. Your article can then be spread virally all over the internet with links to your websites as well as your personal advert in your author bio box.

Generate sales and leads without having a website

Even if you do not own a website, you will also benefit from article marketing, since the article directories as well as website owners who posted your article in their websites can act as your website. Since your articles come with an author bio box as discussed above, you can include your contact information such as address, contact number or email address instead of links to your website to allow potential clients to contact you.

As a suggestion, it always advisable to create a simple web presence online even if you do not know how to build a website. You may create a free blogger or wordpress blogs, or even facebook and twitter page that you can link to from the bio box.

Reach New Customers

With a wide readership of article directories all over the world and the chances of your articles spreading online, submitting articles to Article Directories can help you reach new customers that you have not though of before. You article and your business can be exposed to millions of potential customers all over the world.

Get Continuous traffic to your website – for years

Articles submitted to article directories usually stay in the directories forever, meaning that your articles can continue to bring traffic to your site for many years to come. Your articles may get picked up anytime and reprinted years later too.

This type of advertising can be very powerful indeed. Once the business is evaluated, then a decision can be made as to whether or not an article submission service is relevant.

The No.1 Article Website is the world’s leading article website. you could put your articles on it so that readers can share them. You can manage all of your content inside of The No.1 Article Website.


Know the Reason why Need Outbound Links

Connections are presumably the sincerest method for suggesting different websites as important wellsprings of data – you are adequately offering them a major go-ahead. Similarly, they are a vital method for giving reference sources to bolster and prove the contentions or affirmations you are making in your own posts.

Great connections in your site make your site important to its perusers. It gives them more data that they might search for. What’s more, in the event that you are connecting to great quality destinations you are making your positioning in the web index more grounded.

It is accordingly simple to think little of the estimation of outbound connections in expanding movement to your site and boosting your positioning. While without a doubt your web based advertising effort should concentrate on getting connections to your website, inbound and outbound connections ought to work as an inseparable unit in an equipped SEO battle.

Since there are so many meaningful initials and acronyms floating around in business today, let’s start by giving the subject matter here a REALLY COOL acronym – MOCO (Moving (to an) Outbound Call Operation). Has sort of a coffee bean ‘flavour’ to it.

The few lines that you write in your “about us” section of your website may not be enough to set you apart from the others. However, if your potential customer sees your name on well-written and informative articles appearing on several websites around the Internet, then she will regard you as an expert in your field. The more you publish, the greater your recognition will be and the more your reputation will be enhanced.

Bing places a lot of importance on relevancy, so if your website is optimized with LSI keywords, then you are likely to be ranked higher in Bing. Google is soon catching up, so maybe it’s a better idea to optimize based on LSI rather than mindlessly repeating exact keywords. You can also get a firm offering professional link building services to help you out here.

Everybody knows the power of back links in the search engine optimisation mix, back links increase rank and improve page relevance, they also allow PageRank to flow to your pages and however no one really knows about the ranking power held in out links from your sites pages.

The “other” kinds of links that are obtainable are outbound links and reciprocal links. Outbound links are when you link to other peoples’ web sites from yours. Reciprocal links are when you and the end web site are exchanging links with each other.

If your competitors are getting more back links then you are, they outrank you and your rankings drop. Rankings won’t drop because you have some incorrect information on your website or some false keyword density.

Maintaining or improving your search engine ranking is essential. As stated previously, every day is a new beginning for every e-commerce site to elevate themselves using heightened search engine optimization. It’s necessary to improve your site and make it better each day.

Link Building Campaign Secret


Something that I gained from perusing the Google Patent is that Google focuses on the speed at which you procure your connections.

This is the reason it is profoundly suggested that you fabricate your connections gradually and at a reliable speed, or speed. The motivation to do this is on the grounds that a site that is normally mainstream will reliably increase new connections just from individuals needing to share what they have found.

With a specific end goal to copy this, we should oppose what can be an exceptionally compelling impulse to secure the greatest number of connections as we can as quick as possible.

I have by and by found that building 10-20 quality connections for every day is a decent number in the first place. At that point I in the end incline this up as time passes by.


Deep links are links to deeper pages of your site. Most people will aggressively build links only to their homepage … but this is definitely not the most natural looking linking profile.

Instead, I would recommend you split you inbound links between your home page and your deeper pages.

Here is some of benefits.

This will result in your site getting deeply spider which in turn will cause the search engines to find and index more pages faster.

You will also start to notice that your deeper pages will begin to rank better for their target keyword or keyword phase.

I believe if you do this on newly launched sites you can keep yourself out of the “Google sandbox.”


The first thing you must do when you begin your quest to build links to your website is find relevant websites that will link to you.

How I classify a relevant link is this: the page where your link will appear either mentions your keyword or a synonym to that keyword.

As of right now, it does not appear that Google, Yahoo and MSN are using relevancy in their ranking algorithms but, trust me, they soon will.

So why not start preparing for the coming changes now? Then when the changes are made, you will be ahead of everyone else – and your rankings will show it!

Here are some more reasons to start building relevant links now:

1. You may actually receive traffic from those links if they are related to the theme of the site they are on.

2. In the future, these links will be viewed by the search engines as more valuable and will make your web pages appear more relevant for your target search terms.


many people go out and get 1,000 links all with the exact same anchor text. The problem is that this would not occur naturally.

In order to appear natural you need to ensure you build links using a variety of anchor text.
I would recommend you use your top target keywords as anchor text using some variations with other keyword phrases.

Also, put in some “…” and some “click here” this will ensure your links look natural.
In fact, you should come up with a list of anchor text variations that you can rotate through for each of your website’s pages.

This will ensure your link portfolio looks as natural as possible to the search engines.


Non Natural Linking from single IP address

Every website is assigned to an IP address. An IP address can also be thought of as the equivalent of a street address or a phone number for a computer or other network device on the Internet.

Just as each street address and phone number uniquely identifies a building or telephone, an IP address can uniquely identify a specific server or a website.

Here is an example IP Address:

A Block: 162
B Block: 356
C Block: 619
D Block: 000

Natural Linking from various IP Addresses

When building your links you want to ensure you get links from a variety of IP sources, this will ensure you have the most natural looking back link portfolio.

This may sound like a simple tip, but getting site wide links from a high PR website is not a good idea for this reason. You may get 1,000’s of links, but they are all from the same IP and will in short order hurt your rankings instead of improve them. This of course is mostly in Google, MSN may still give you some love.


Reciprocal Links Value for Link Building Purpose

To show signs of improvement positioning on the web crawler result pages the most basic thing is the Search Engine Optimization of that site. Also, to show signs of improvement web optimization comes about the most vital thing is the link building referencing. Without link building referencing no Search Engine Optimization can ever be finished or can get the sought outcomes. In this way it can without much of a stretch be said that the link building referencing is the heart of Search Engine Optimization. What’s more, as it is known to all there are different strategies forlink building referencing. What’s more, among them on of the most vital is the equal link building referencing.

Now the question is what is reciprocal link building. The reciprocal links do also have several names like link swaps, link partners, or link exchanges. This plays a great role in boosting the search engine ranking of your website along with increasing the web traffic to your site. Therefore most of the leading seo companies pay a good deal of attention in building reciprocal links. But it should be remembered that building reciprocal links should be a part of your link building strategy and not the sole concern of your marketing strategy. The main reason behind reciprocal links is that While ranking a site, most of the major search engines take into account the number and quality of the sites that link to you. Therefore one can easily understand the need of building reciprocal links.

The reciprocal links are a kind of agreement between two websites in which both of the sites agree to publish the link of each other on their website. It is a type of banner link to a site which can be in the form of text also and which directs the visitors of one site to visit the other site. The same kind of text or banner link could also be found on the other site also. However, the reciprocal links build up on the basis of trust as for the webmasters it is not always possible to monitor whether the other site is maintaining their link. It is often seen that while re-modifying the site these links are often forgotten of. It may be that the site you are liking with may not pay proper attention once they get better ranking therefore in that case you should monitor the sites so that they may not bury your link under other information, or delete it during site up gradation.

However while building reciprocal links you should be very careful. The most important thing in this respect is the relevancy therefore it should be kept in mind that the sites you are trying to build reciprocal links to are relevant to your site. Or the contents of your site are relevant to the sites that you want to build reciprocal links with. However, another thing that is to be remembered that you should not link with competing sites or else it can cause you trouble as your customers may be drawn towards the other site. You should also never exchange links with sites that clop the links from the search engine spiders. As this can never help you in your link building process.